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A List of Recreational Dispensaries In Denver

A city in the United States that consists of the Southern part, the Southwestern and the Mountainous regions of the country is known as Colorado. Denver is the capital, as well as the largest city of this state. Denver also contains a great number of marijuana recreational centers, all of which close down by 7 p.m. The city has opened 100 such shops for business.Medical cannabis is prescribed till date for combating various medical conditions and symptoms such as chronic pain, chemotherapy induced nausea, and for the purpose of palliative care. Unfortunately, misuse of this herb on a wide basis has marked a ban on its sale.

The recreational dispensaries in Denver aim at providing legalized medical cannabis to its customers, without having them go astray owing to the tough implications of medico-legal issues. Moreover, the recreational dispensaries in Denver have evaluated several various ways by which one can easily consume medical marijuana. So how many such centers does the city of Colorado contain? And where can you find them? Well, below is given a list of recreational dispensaries in Denver. Take a look at all of them. Find the one that falls nearest to your area of residence.


It is located at four different locations in Denver, including the metro area, Lakewood and Aurora. This recreational center was established in the year 2011. Lightshade serves medical marijuana to customers who are above 21 years of age at their Holly and Peoria stores. At their Sheridan location, Lightshade serves medical customers of the ages 18+ and 21+. Owing to the regulations implied in the city, Lightshade stores at the 6th Ave and Havana serve the medicine only to medical customers over the age of 21 years.

GroundSwell Cannabis Boutique:

In the list of recreational dispensaries in Denver, GroundSwell Cannabis Boutique is worth mentioning. Its store in the city of Colorado is located at the Bluebird District of Denver. This recreational center possesses a staff of experts who know well how to handle and communicate their patients, and they expertise in providing them the right kind of medical marijuana as well.

Tru Cannabis:

The Tru Cannabis recreational center is located at 5130 E Colfax Avenue. This third center among the list of recreational dispensaries in Colorado claims to serve its customers with a variety of different types of medical marijuana, namely, edibles, clones, hash, gear, smoking accessories, etc. The store functions throughout the week from 9 am to 7 pm.

The Green solution:

Among the list of recreational dispensaries in Denver, the Green solution is also worth mentioning. It is known to be the ‘most awarded’ among the dispensaries of its kind in the city of Colorado. Their innovative inventories include Nectar Bee edibles and concentrates; their prize-winning flower, oils, pipes, etc.